PSV CDL Graduation

PSV CDL Graduation

The CDL graduation at Central Arizona College in Pinal County, AZ on September 7th, 2023, marked the successful completion of a transformative journey for the graduates.

The commitment and dedication they displayed throughout their truck driver training were commendable. These individuals embarked on a pursuit to find CDL classes near me and discovered the exceptional program offered by Central Arizona College. The driving course not only imparted the necessary skills but also instilled a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism.

excited to receive certifications

The graduates benefited greatly from the defensive driving class, equipping them with the ability to navigate any challenges on the road. The collaboration between the college and the MVD ensured that all requirements were met, and the graduates were fully prepared for their new career. As family and friends eagerly awaited their arrival, following the driving directions, the pride and joy in the room were palpable. The CDL graduation in Pinal County became a testament to the excellence of Central Arizona College as a premier trucking driving school, providing promising futures for aspiring truck drivers.


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